The Fundasinum Institution

Founded in June, 1987 through the initiative of psychologist G. Renate Jost de Moraes, the Fundasinum, The Whole Humanistic Health Foundation, is a non-profit organization whose objectives are primarily to make public the ADI/TIP Method – The Direct Approach to the Unconscious/Personal Integration Therapy, to see needy patients in psychotherapy and to train new TIP therapists and "orienters" in the therapy who supervise the work of ADI/TIP professionals through a Special Council.The foundation has graduated 44 TIP therapists since its foundation. It helps 350 needy patients per year.
The Fundasinum is constantly promoting lectures about the ADI/TIP Method throughout Brazil. It has had lectures in Portugal and Germany. It offers current information about the ADI Method to doctors, psychologists and other professionals to guarantee the correct and consistent application of the techniques of the method.